A Carthusian

This emblem of barbarity the Age
Has struck. Ages still to come will shrink
In horror that humans so civilized could sink
To such Satanic cruelty. To kill in rage

The madman goes beyond all reason; he shocks
Himself when passion subside. But we have law
To calm our nerves; the innocent no awe
Inspires, the weak no human heart unlocks.

Could you dare to watch? He stabs the neck,
Rams in a tube, sucks out the brains, the head
Is crushed. The babe, tossed in a tub dead,
Floats in a sea of blood a mangled wreck.

Do not squirm! Clinton restores peace;
Behold the good, one less child to feed,
To cherish, to educate; from burdens freed
We turn to fun; the butcher’s coins increase.

My grisly dirge commissioned for China’s wake,
Will chant the ogre’s passing and plead his cause.
He capped abortion’s evil with shrill applause
And scarred frail hearts with cruel, unending ache.

Flushed with dearly nightmares I dimly saw
Deep in Satan’s frozen lake that skull
Of Clinton crushed and crushed again. Full
Of pity I rose and prayer with utmost awe…

For Bo I. Cavefors

From: A Carthusian The Silence of the Lotus. Poems 2007.

Illustration: A Carthusian, 2007.

Copyright©A Carthusian, Great Britain 2007.

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