A Carthusian

For Bo I. Cavefors

The Pill slaughters nobility, slaughters
The heart, slaughters faith in the Son of God.
The Pill overthrows temples, depletes
Rank and file, nuns an extinct race,
Priests a dwindling, oppressed few whose power
The heal, to sanctify, is a rusty blade.

The Pill rages triumphantly, slaughters
The hidden force of life, the higher force
Of love and purpose, maims, blinds, mocks.
The Pill slaughters freedom, enslaves man
To lust, the fierce addiction, renders love
An absurd dream and life a masquerade.

The Pill blinds and deadens the mind, slaughters
The babe who enters the unreceptive womb,
The innocent unwelcome in loveless hearts.
The Pill devours the City of God, exalts
The City of Lost Purpose and Plush Death
Degrading life to a puerile escapade.

The Pill slaughters morality, slaughters
The fabric of human togetherness. The Pill
Seeps into the mind unnoticed, perverts
The very purpose of life, to produce souls
Of heroic love: descent to savagery.
The Pill has killed Christ in man and maid...

Copyright©A Carthusian, Great Britan 2006.

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