The Museum of Porn in Art, Zürich,
Carl Abrahamsson

On the last Sunday of September each year,
the “Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco becomes
an epicentre of sexual flamboyance.
What started out in the early 1980’s as specifically
a gay men’s leather event, has since grown
to embrace all kinds of fetishes and prurient
manifestations. There is no objective other than
that of being proud of who you are sexually, regardless
of your sex, orientation or “kink”.
The Folsom Street Fair may contain, thematically,
agendas of fundraising activities for increasing
the awareness in regard to sexual tolerance. But it’s not politically correct like the worldwide “Pride”-festivals
usually are. At Folsom Street Fair people come to
have fun and that’s always the main agenda. And it shows!
Carl Abrahamsson,
a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden,
has been documenting the Folsom Street Fair since 2002.
This is his sexond exhibition at the
Museum of Porn in Art, Zürich.
Opening Night:
Friday the 20th of April 2007 from 18.00 Hours.
In Edi’s Weinstube,
Stüssihofstrasse 14 in Zürich.
The Artist will be there.
Exhibition: 21.04.-17.05.2007.
Sunday to Thursday from 12.00-24.00 hours.
Friday from 12.00-02.00 hours
and Saturday from 11.00-02.00 hours.

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