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Aryan Kaganof
Bo I. Cavefors / 4wrd

'As little as we can be declared clear of every coercion in the world, so little can our writing be withdrawn from it. But as free as we are, so free we can make it too.'

MAX STIRNER, The Ego and Its Own

Bo Cavefors isn't doing dogma.
Bo Cavefors isn't doing politics.
Bo Cavefors isn't doing what's expected of him.
Bo Cavefors isn't trying to attract converts.
Bo Cavefors hasn't got a plan.
Bo Cavefors will not repeat himself.
Bo Cavefors has seen through what the spectacle has to offer.
Bo Cavefors was there, on the frontline.
Bo Cavefors is always on time.
Bo Cavefors is a distinguished Swedish gentleman, even with your dick in his mouth, your finger up his arse.
If your finger is up his arse it's because he wants it there.
If your dick is in his mouth it's because he loves sucking dicks.
Bo Cavefors is a child.
Bo Cavefors is that polymorphously perverse creature we read about in Semiotexte.
But Bo Cavefors isn't limited in his imaginings by motley post-anything theories.
Bo Cavefors is an electric current - he's charged.
He charges.
When he walks into a room his blue eyes see immediately what's valuable, what has worth.
Bo Cavefors does not waste his time.
He's to the point.

The point is

Cavefors lives his life.

Cavefors is alive.

And this is radical and threatening in these dead times.

But it's wrong to describe Bo Cavefors' status as "marginalized".

It's the anodyne, neutered culture around him that is marginal.

Bo Cavefors is centre stage, he's the real mainstream.

"Je n' peux rien" dit le scorpion. "C'est mon caractere."

Freedom liberates (perversely).

Aryan Kaganof
12 October 2009

Copyright©Aryan Kaganof, 2009.

Photo by Oscar Swartz, Malmö 2009.

Note: The text will be included in the book-and-dvd Qualis Artifex Pereo / Qualis Artifex Pereo - Finis by Martin Bladh and Bo I. Cavefors, published 2010 by Styx Publishers, Stockholm.

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