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Friday, December 5th, 2008

Top 10s for 2008: The Goner

Top fifteen obsessions 2008:
Dennis Cooper (rediscovery)
Tobacco with cherry aroma (pipesmoking)
Isengrind/Twinsistermoon/Natural Snow Buildings – The Snowbringer Cult (record)
Sublime Frequencies (record company)
Skummeslöv (small town)
Various effect pedals for electric guitar (masturbation)
Wrath (deadly sin)
Benjamin Smoke ("roar of a wounded lion")
Martin Bladh/Bo Cavefors – Three studies for a crucifixion. A passion play in three acts; dedicated to Francis Bacon (dvd)

Mary Margaret O'Hara (voice)
Jennifer Charles of Elysian Fields (voice)
Grant Morrison (psychedelic genius)
Erykah Badu (voice)
What is it? by Crispin Glover (movie)
Grey Lodge (online magazine)

The Goner is currently rehearsing and recording. Several releases planned for 2009.

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