Iggy Malmborg LECTURE ON A BOX


Iggy Malmborg


Welcome to my new soloperformance
at Malmö Theatre Academy.
The performance is based on a phenomenon
in the Russian orthodox church,"the foolishness in Christ".
In Russian these fools are called jurodiviyj, originally meaning
degenerate or freak.
The popular designation in Russian however;
is God's people or The Blessed.
The Jurodiviyj left the church to live in a kind of public abstinence.
They performed a theatre of foolishness in the public space,
and they always acted in the opposite way of what is considered
a normal and desirable behaviour.
By combining vision and blindness, pictures and judgement,
hallucination and language, sleep and wake, day and night,
insanity is in the end negated to nothing.
This is because insanity is a combination of everything
which is negative.
Paradoxically the nothingness of which insanity embodies
becomes a manifestation unto itself. It explodes out in signs, words and gestures.
It is a hopeless complicated unit of order
and disorder born of an objective rational reality
and the meaningless of insanity.
Therefore if insanity is nothing then it may only manifest itself
by seperating from itself, by taking on the shape
of reason and by becoming its own opposite.
Everything insanity has to say about itself is exclusively reason,
despite that insanity is the very negation of reason.
Jan: 29:th 9:45 pm, 31:th 5:00 pm, Feb: 6:th 9:15 pm, 7:th 7pm,
8:th 8:45 pm, 11:th 8:45 pm, 13:th 9:15 pm
Bergsgatan 31, Malmö - Sweden


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